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Jigger Inn


This historic building dates back to 1852, when it was the stationmaster’s lodge, and the history and heritage live on. Today, The Jigger Inn, also known as the Famous 19th Hole, is home to golfing memorabilia, crackling open-hearth fires, home-cooked food and a superb selection of Scottish beers, including the pub’s own Jigger Ale. This is available only at The Jigger Inn, St Andrews and at The Horse & Plow at Forbes Five Star-awarded The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin, USA.

If you are fortune enough to pay this historical pub a visit, look out for the original poster announcing the closure of the station in 1969 on the wall as well as the station’s clock, stopped at ten to two – the time of the last train to depart St Andrew’s station.